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Menswear shop Wittmore celebrates 1 year anniversary

By Sara Ehlers

Jun 13, 2016

Los Angeles - Last summer, modern menswear brand Wittmore opened a flagship in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. One year later, the retailer is celebrating its anniversary and shares future plans to grow and move forward as a brand at its residency.

The store opened last year on June 1st as its second bricks-and-mortar store. The Arts District location was chosen specifically due to the ambiance and vibe of the neighborhood. “We are fans of the architect Michael Maltzan and what he has created with One Sante Fe,” said Paul C. Witt, founder of the brand. To Witt, the building’s aesthetic is a “modern statement” that really stood out to him. It made sense to open a contemporary menswear retail space here, where there are also several other fashion shops and restaurants open. Although there are various fashion shops in a small proximity, Witt states that there is little competition at the location. “There is a great co-tenancy in the Arts District and we all support each,” he said. The pairing of all of these businesses next to each other makes for a successful community vibe.

In the past year, the company has learned a lot on what has worked on keeping a successful retail store. The brand has decided to stay more “organic” with their approach and how they merchandise and partner with brands. Since their debut at the location, Wittmore has had various takeovers from other brands and collaborative artists. The takeovers include fashion brands, photographers, artists, and other local creatives; which is a way for the retailer to keep their clients interested in their store. In the past, the sophisticated menswear brand has paired with Matsuda, Outerknown, and Weiss. In the future, the brand plans to continue these partnerships to keep their space fresh and unique.

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Wittmore celebrates 1 year anniversary at the Arts District

The brand has also gained experience in growing with its consumer. As the neighborhood changes, Witt explains how he has continued to keep the store at the community’s pace. “Right now it’s a great mix of locals, young professionals moving in, international tourists...and people from the west side spending the day exploring the east side,” he said. The evolution of the downtown consumer has changed over time, but it brings in an eclectic mix for the brand.

However, through all the changes of the neighborhood, the brand has stayed true to origin with its clothing. The boutique stocks casual clothing for men, but also stocks lifestyle goods and accessories that are unisex. Keeping the Arts Districts consumer in mind, the brand’s price point ranges from a mix of high and low prices. Currently, the brand is aimed at the modern man who isn’t always dressed in a high-end suit from ages 20’s to mid 50’s. After successfully launching its store a year ago, the brand has been able to stay open at its Arts District location. In the future, the brand is currently working on evolving their takeovers and expanding into new categories that haven’t been previously done at the shop. Also, currently the brand is working on an in-house label that will sold exclusively at its stores as well as online. Until then, the brand is focused on its selling well-made clothing and creating a friendly shopping experience for all downtown shoppers.