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Pandora to resume ownership of US and Canada stores

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Ben Bridge Jeweler Facebook

Danish jeweller Pandora is set to resume ownership of its Pandora stores throughout the US and Canada, revealed in an announcement by family-run retailer Ben Bridge Jeweler.

Aiming for early March, the Pandora Group will assume ownership of 37 Ben Bridge Jeweler stores in the region.

The luxury watch and jewellery retailer is Pandora’s largest North American franchisee. It partnered with the group in 2010 in order to accelerate its west coast business growth, eventually evolving to become free-standing Pandora stores.

“This has been an important and successful chapter in our history and we know our team will be in excellent hands as a part of the broader Pandora organisation,” said Lisa Bridge, president and CEO of Ben Bridge Jeweler, in a news release.

The transition hopes to enable the retailer to generate a more strategic emphasis on its core and allow for growth in new ways.

Bridge continued: “We are excited to fuel our Ben Bridge growth, investing in the personal experience we create through every touchpoint with our customers.”

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