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Rebag debuts a new "micro store" retail concept in NYC

By Robyn Turk

Dec 17, 2020


Retail has seen a noticeable shift to digital commerce throughout the pandemic, and Rebag has found a new solution to brick-and-mortar: a "micro store."

The secondhand luxury retailer is opening its first-ever micro version of its traditional store in New York City. Located inside The Shops at Columbus Circle, Rebag's new 180-square-foot retail space will be a standalone version of its signature Rebag Bar, which is a feature of all of the retailer's full-size stores.

The new Rebag Bar will offer customers an on-the-go experience in a smaller space that emulates its signature store environment. Visitors will be able to shop from all of the retailer's product categories, which include bags, watches, fine jewelry, and accessories, as well as sell pre-owned luxury items within 60 minutes.

"We are constantly seeking new ways to democratize luxury resale, and this micro concept will achieve exactly that," Charles Gorra, Rebag's founder and CEO, said in a press release. "Throughout this year, we heard from our customers the need to get closer to them. COVID-19 has reshaped urban and suburban consumer behaviors across the country. The nimbleness of this new Rebag Bar format will enable a hyper-local and efficient roll-out, therefore maximizing convenience for customers."

Image: Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash

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