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Rebag opens store in Beverly Hills

By Rosalie Wessel

Nov 5, 2021


Image: Rebag, Facebook

Retailer Rebag has opened a new store in Beverly Hills, California.

Located close to Rodeo Drive on Brighton Way, the store spans 800 square feet and joins a host of other luxury stores in the area, including Berluti, Escada, Wolford, Isaia and Creed.

Aimed at the buying and selling of luxury accessories, Rebag allows customers to buy new products and sell old items.

The store will include all product categories such as bags, watches, fine jewelry and accessories. Other items will be available on the brand’s digital site, The Rebag Bar, which holds around 25,00 pieces.

Additionally, customers can use the Clair Trade in order to sell a preloved item. Using the service, customers can buy and sell an item in a single combined transaction, or use Rebag’s upfront payment offering in order to sell the item within 60 minutes.

At the Clair Corner, customers can use a self service kiosk, backed by seven years of data and millions of image references that makes it able to identify the resale value of almost 15,000 styles almost immediately. Customers can then receive an instant quote on the item they wish to sell.

“At Rebag, we aim to provide a unique and personalised shopping experience for consumers,” said Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of Rebag. “With the opening of our Beverly Hills store, we’re excited to continue to modify the traditional retail model, integrating high-tech touchpoints throughout the in-store experience in order to meet the needs and wants of today’s shoppers.”