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Revolve launches free return service in Canada

By Robyn Turk

Oct 21, 2020

Revolve Group is working to elevate its customer experience across all markets, and has recently turned its focus to Canada. The retailer recently launched new initiatives to enhance convenience for its consumers, and has now made it easier for customers to make returns.

Consumers in Canada will now have access to free, hassle-free returns. This includes all applicable duties and taxes.

This builds upon Revolves recent initiatives, which include launching all-inclusive pricing that calculates all taxes and duties within the product price to eliminate "sticker shock" at checkout, and free 2-day express shipping in Canada.

“We are thrilled to offer further enhancements to our service levels in Canada, creating additional customer interest in one of our top 5 international markets and the exciting potential for further expansion in the region,” Kai Li, Revolve's vice president of international, said in a press release. “Similar enhancements in key markets such as the United Kingdom and Australia have led to a favorable customer response, including higher purchase activity and improved customer retention."

Image: Sara Kurfess / Unsplash