Los Angeles - It was recently believed that RVCA would be shuttering its Fairfax location this month. The company just confirmed that the closure was due to strategic retail placing rather than any financial or business problems.

The company had posted a decal stating that it would shutter its location on September 25 earlier this month. At first, there was no public statement from RVCA other than the store’s window. However, FashionUnited reached out to the surf brand for a comment. At first, the brand’s decision to open its store in Fairfax was due to its location. “Like our Haight and Ashbury location in San Francisco, the Fairfax location put the RVCA brand in an iconic district and garnered local fans,” said Brian Cassaro, vice president of marketing of RVCA. Eventually however, the surf brand had the opportunity to open a store in Santa Monica with its retail partner ZJ Boarding House. “[We] decided that culturally, it was a great fit for the brand but having two locations so close together didn’t make sense,” Cassaro told FashionUnited.

Ultimately, the sports apparel brand decided to shutter the Fairfax location and focus more on its prime locations. “[The] decision to close down Fairfax was a hard one but made business sense,” said Cassaro. The shop was open for the past seven years at that location. Moving forward, Cassaro states all of RVCA’s future locations will be “strategically placed” in iconic locations. It seems that the skate apparel shop’s closure wasn’t any indication of a problem for the company’s business.





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