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Sainsbury’s introduces check-out free shopping

By Rosalie Wessel



Image: Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s has launched its contactless, check-out free shopping, called SmartShop Pick and Go.

A part of its in-store digital innovation, the new option builds on the success of SmartShop, which grew 173 percent last year. SmartShip Pick and Go uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

In order to use the new service, customers simply scan a QR code from their SmartShop app, which is linked to their credit or debit card. Any items that the customer takes off the shelf is added to their virtual cart, and also removed if put back on the shelf. The customer then scans their QR code as they leave the store, with their credit card charged as a result.

Demand for contactless shopping has increased since the start of the pandemic. With SmartShop already available in 1,400 of Sainsbury’s stores, 30 percent of sales are now generated through the app. This is twice more than last year.

“We are always looking at new ways to make shopping easy and convenient for our customers,” said retail and digital director at Sainsbury’s, Clo Moriarty. “We are excited about launching SmartShop Pick and Go, which offers contactless, check-out free shopping to our customers and are looking forward to hearing their feedback.”

Sainsbury’s has also seen a strong increase in sales at its apparel brand, Tu Clothing. Sales were seen to increase 33.6 percent in the 28 weeks to September 18 compared to a year ago. Compared to two years ago, the increase was 9.1 percent. This was mainly due to online shopping, which saw a 70 percent surge.

Tu Clothing
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