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Selfridges reveals experimental ‘earth-conscious’ pop-up at Oxford Street

By Rachel Douglass

Apr 7, 2022


Image: Selfridges Supermarket Pop-up

Luxury department store Selfridges has unveiled a four-week retail experiment taking place at its Oxford Street store that imagines “an earth-conscious shop of the future”.

Located at The Corner Shop, the ‘Supermarket’ experience allows visitors to explore a “creative playground” consisting of technology that provides on-demand 3D printing and educates them on how innovative materials are made. The exhibition space will also display new ownership concepts and non-fungible token (NFT) artwork available to purchase in store.

Through examining future shopping habits, the Supermarket experience hopes to open a conversation around consumption and physical ownership. The launch comes as part of the retailer’s ongoing Superfutures creative theme for 2022, through which Selfridges will continue to explore the making of the future.

Image: Selfridges Supermarket Pop-up

A number of different activations by brand partners have been curated for the exhibition, including Parley for the Oceans’ 2.3 metre tall robot which, through 3D printing, transforms plastic pollution into useful objects, like homeware and clothing.

Designers and brands, such as Iris Van Herpen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Crocs will also have on display an array of sustainably manufactured products, while further collaborations will explore the development of “future-facing” materials.

In a release, Selfridges active creative director, Emma Kidd, said: “Through this year’s creative theme, Superfutures, we’re examining the future of retail, inviting customers to join us. With our Project Earth commitments at its heart, Supermarket brings to life our imagined future shop, offering product on demand as well as items made from future-facing materials such as pineapple leather. We’re excited for our customers to explore Supermarket and hope to spark thoughts and conversation around consumption and physical ownership.”

Supermarket at The Corner Shop will run until April 30, 2022.

Image: Selfridges Supermarket Pop-up
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