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Selfridges to host in-store exhibition in partnership with Reference Festival

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Katja Novitskova Pattern of Activation (Mamaroo nursery, dawn chorus), 2017, courtesy of the artist and Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler - def image

Luxury department store Selfridges is set to reveal an in-store exhibition alongside Berlin’s Reference Festival as part of its ongoing ‘Superfutures’ 2022 concept.

Set to take place at its London location between July 14 to October 16, the immersive exhibition will feature 13 experiential spectacles by a selection of artists, brands and thinkers. Each installation looks to inspire customers to consider the way humans are living today and what the future holds for them if we don’t change, all while presenting a potential hybrid future.

“Superfutures is a reaction to a moment in history,” said Agnes Gryczkowska, guest curator of Reference Festival, in a release. “A moment in which the future and diversity of our planet is pulled into question. As socio-political shifts attempt to increase hierarchies and homogeneity, the exhibition suggests a future that is a hybrid - a rhizomatic queerness and a desiring machine.”

Highlights from the exhibition include sculptures by Estonian artist Katja Novitska examining the relationship between technology and biology, as well as video work by Jakob Kudsk that proposes a future where data and biology fluidly connect.

“Through the Superfutures exhibition, Selfridges continues on its journey of ‘reinventing retail’, this time in a more philosophical sense,” said Selfridges’ acting creative director, Emma Kidd. “We aim to challenge our own mindsets, along with those of our customers, thinking deeply about what sort of future we might want, and the steps we need to take today, in order to live in a brighter tomorrow.”

Image: Gentle Monster, The Giant, 2021
Reference Festival Berlin