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Shopify partners up with Alipay to unlock cross-border commerce

By Andrea Byrne

Nov 18, 2020


Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify has announced a new partnership with online payment group Alipay to support merchants with cross-border commerce.

The new partnership will allow Shopify merchants to access new global customers, provide them with the opportunity to tap into the bigger shopping seasons and holidays, and achieve seamless payments through Alipay’s payment gateway.

According to Alibaba, this year’s Singles Day shopping event generated a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of 74 billion dollars over the course of the 11-day campaign.

Prior to this partnership, Shopify merchants have been able to offer Alipay through third-party providers. Now, consumers will be able to make purchases through their preferred payment method.

Kaz Nejatian, vice president of product and merchant services at Shopify, said in a statement: “At Shopify, we believe in a world of borderless commerce and are focused on helping our merchants build thriving businesses—not just within their own markets, but on a truly international scale.

“Reaching consumers across Asia is an enormous growth opportunity for our merchants, and Alipay has brought inclusive financial services to more than one billion people in China. Through today’s partnership, we’ll help our merchants provide the best possible shopping experiences for this new audience of cross-border consumers.”

Alipay’s payment gateway is available to Shopify merchants in the US. It will become available to markets in Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in the future.

Separately, Shopify recently announced apartnership with TikTok to expand the reach of its merchants.

Photo credit: Shopify