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Shopping marketplace Fashwire introduces refreshed app interface

By Andrea Byrne


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Shopping marketplace Fashwire has launched a refreshed app interface that the company says will help its users discover and share fashion.

“Fusing together the discoverability of emerging brands, delivering user feedback via swipe technology and sharing their personal style via social posting on Fashwire’s MyWire feed allows users and brands to engage in unprecedented ways,” the company said in a release.

Launched in 2018, Fashwire started out as a marketplace for emerging and established brands from around the world. To date, the company has raised 2.5 million US dollars and is backed by a range of private angel investors.

It currently has more than 300 fashion designers from over 33 countries using its service.

Kimberly Carney, Fashwire founder and CEO, said in a statement: “With a mission to reframe the fashion marketplace, Fashwire sits at the intersection of tech and fashion, providing users a unique opportunity to discover brands and trends with a new interactive model.

“What is key for us is connecting brands and consumers. We achieve that through a variety of unique ways such as our MyWire social feed and our proprietary swipe technology that gives designers concrete data on how users are responding to product.”

Photo credit: Jeshoots.com, Pexels