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Snapchat announces AR try-on and social shopping features

By Alsha Coppolina


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Prada gesture recognition, courtesy of Snapchat

Snapchat has announced new augmented reality tools for its users to virtually try on outfits and accessories.

Luxury brands like Prada and Farfetch are among the companies that have signed up to use the technology that detects and responds to body movements and facial dimensions.

Farfetch is using 3D body mesh and has 40 built-in voice controls to let Snapchat users search for items and then try them on virtually with questions like “ can you show me a windbreaker jacket?“ or “maybe something with a pattern?”

Meanwhile, Prada is utilizing gesture recognition that allows shoppers to signal the camera when they want to try on their next outfit.

Another feature the social media platform is launching is shopping with friends. This enables shoppers to chat with friends live, share outfits with each other and get approvals on products before purchasing.

Companies will also be able to host daily shopping events through “Snapchat Minis” with Poshmark one of the first to use this feature.

All of the new features are available for Snapchat users for free, but brands are able to pay to promote their profiles within the app.

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