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Study reveals shoppers are taking more in-store precautions

By Rachel Douglass

Aug 23, 2021


Image: Unsplash

With the delta variant of covid-19 bringing uncertainty back into the retail industry, shoppers are also expressing their concern for their in-person shopping experiences.

Shopping discount app Shopkick surveyed almost 11,500 consumers throughout the US, with a goal of uncovering how the delta variant was impacting their shopping habits. Those who were more worried about covid due to the delta variant made up 30 percent of respondents, while 40 percent said they felt the same level of discomfort as they did one month ago.

The survey found that 61 percent of shoppers were taking extra precautions when in-store due to variant concerns and 82 percent are using masks again while they shop. Common precautions also involved disinfecting hands and carts, shopping at less busy times, using cards instead of cash and utilising self-checkouts.

As careful shoppers continue to take strides to keep themselves out of harm’s way, many expressed anxiety when it came to other shoppers. A total of 85 percent stated that they were worried others weren’t taking proper precautions, with 70 percent expecting retailers to enforce regulations themselves.

However, despite initial concerns, it seems that consumer worries are not enough to stop them from heading to the stores. As many as 67 percent of respondents said they were taking the same amount of trips to the store per week as they did last month and even ten percent saying they are going more often.

“Even with a surge in covid cases and consumers wary of in-person shopping, they are still heading in-store,” said David Fisch, general manager of Shopkick, in a statement. “Retailers need to prioritise making the experience as enjoyable as possible while doubling down their focus on safety. Shoppers will expect nothing less than stocked shelves, a demonstrable commitment to safety in your store and a trained staff setting the example.”

In addition, consumers also shared that the pandemic had changed the way they shop forever. While 57 percent said they will continue stocking up on essentials, 56 percent said they will shop online more and 53 percent expect to make fewer, but bigger, shopping trips.

In terms of product choices, 37 percent said they would prioritise brand availability over preference, while many mentioned that they will utilise convenience options.