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Ted’s Bazaar is back for one last time

By Andrea Byrne

Sep 22, 2020

Ted Baker has partnered up with the Creative Mentor Network for its last instalment of merchandise on its digital pop-up store, Ted’s Bazaar.

Ted’s Bazaar has chosen the Creative Mentor Network charity, which supports diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. The merchandise collection states the phrase “Nice to see you, to see you nice” in multicoloured writing on a black background.

The final collection was created in collaboration with Rude Studio, and includes a t-shirt for 35 pounds, a mug for seven pounds and a poster for 15 pounds. 100 percent of the profits will go to the Creative Mentor Network in the UK and the Creative Art Works in the US.

Some graduates of the Creative Mentor Network include actor and filmmaker, Tahj Miles, artist, Evar Hussanyni and designer, David Adesanya.

Ted Baker first launched Ted Bazaar in May.

Photo credit: Ted Baker, Facebook