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The Welsh Government supports former Laura Ashley workers

By Andrea Byrne

Oct 5, 2020


Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL), a social enterprise specialising in training and manufacturing, has hired 77 former Laura Ashley workers with the support of the Welsh government.

FEL is planning to open a new production centre in Powys. It comes after the company secured a major contract with online fashion retailer Asos.

With additional support from the ReAct Wage subsidy programme, the workers from Laura Ashley will initially help to produce 10,000 garments a week for the Asos contract from FEL’s new base - this will increase to 20,000 pieces of clothing items a week within the month.

FEL CEO, Jenny Holloway, said in a statement: “Many of the stitchers we employed had been working for Laura Ashley for over 35 years. I had to, knowing they were going to lose their jobs. Also, so many experienced stitchers are difficult to find anywhere now, they are like gold.

“We are absolutely delighted with the support and guidance we have received from the Welsh Government which has resulted in Fashion Enter being able to employ staff and we still want to recruit a further 30 stitchers. Our order book is currently full, and the sky is the limit.”

Photo credit: Gov.Wales

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