Los Angeles - Japanese denim label Uniqlo has just confirmed a new flagship in Los Angeles. Located in the Arts District of the city's downtown area, the new store will open as a denim-focused concept shop.

This new boutique will stand as the company's first denim concept shop. After the company's innovation center for jeans just opened in Los Angeles, the new space seems to serve as a experimental store. The flagship will have a huge focus on denim as well as show off Uniqlo's history with materials and textiles. The store will also allow for customers to purchase Uniqlo denim as well as its other apparel offerings.

“We are very excited to bring Uniqlo denim to L.A. in a new and interactive way,” Uniqlo USA chief executive officer Hiroshi Taki said in a statement.

The new store does not yet have an official opening date. Currently, Uniqlo has approximately 46 stores open in the U.S., as well as eight in the Los Angeles area. Although a date is not yet confirmed, the new concept is set to open later this year.





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