Japan-based brand Uniqlo is set to debut a store in India. Parent company Fast Retailing Co. just announced that the label will open its first store in India in 2019.

The company is planning to open the new store in the fall season next year. The company will focus on brand expansion as this store marks the label's first in South Asia. Known for its utilitarian, stylish clothing, the label will work on exposure before opening other stores in India, according to CNN. Currently, Uniqlo has about 2,000 stores in approximately 19 markets worldwide. These stores are spread out internationally throughout the United States, France, Germany, China and Canada.

Through the new store opening, Uniqlo is moving towards new territories with its business strategy. Currently, India's retail market is estimated to be worth approximately one trillion dollars by 2020, according to consultancy PwC reported by CNN. With Uniqlo moving in, the brand could look to create a name for itself with its unique, everyday basics.





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