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United by Zero launches browser extension for eco-conscious consumers

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: United by Zero

In a bid to make sustainable shopping more accessible, responsible fashion platform United by Zero has launched a new browser extension that aids customers in purchasing more responsible clothing.

The downloadable plugin provides users with immediate recommendations for sustainable and ethical product alternatives, offering personalised edits tailored to the individual’s style and interests, based on past purchases.

Each of the recommendations are displayed so that shoppers can browse products seamlessly through one page, and can be sorted based on relevance and sustainable impact.

Brands included in the extension are vetted sustainable leaders, such as ForDays, Another Tomorrow, Ministry of Supply and Outerknown.

The company’s founder Lex Kiefhaber built the alternative shopping service as a response to the heavy greenwashing and mixed messaging often present in the fast fashion industry.

In a statement to FashionUnited, Kiefhaber said: “Fast fashion brands are massive offenders in terms of waste, CO2 emissions and human rights abuses. There are so many young sustainably born brands that are fighting to get recognised.

“We launched the United by Zero extension so that consumers have an easy way to discover the brands that are doing good work for people and the planet.”

Together with CTO Nic Mendoza and fashion designer Abigail Lorick, Kiefhaber has built up the extension’s presence to now have over 450 early beta users, with an additional 7,000 shoppers signed up to its waitlist.

According to the company’s press release, United by Zero is currently in its pre-seed fundraising round as it looks to build on its work of bringing more accessibility to sustainable shopping.

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