US-based lingerie brand Parfait plans to set up around 150 shop-in-shops and four exclusive outlets in India this year. The first exclusive store will be launched in New Delhi followed by Mumbai. The stores will be launched by April. The US lingerie brand has just entered India through 100 per cent FDI. Following the norms, it will source 30 per cent from India but the style, sample, structure, technique, and design will come from the US. The 30 per cent sourcing from India will include cotton. In India, Parfait will partner major retailers and aggressively focus on shop-in-shop formats. In the near future, Parfait will be available on its own website apart from Myntra and Amazon.

The brand serves women across 20 plus countries through its 700 stores and online stores worldwide. Parfait sell products across the world through a channel of distributors and retailers. The business is mostly driven through the B2B channel globally. The company is entering B2C for the first time with the launch in India. The plan is to invest around four million dollars in the first year of its operation in the country. Every six months it will evaluate its business for further investment.





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