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Valentino unveils new packaging embracing sustainability

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Valentino

Fashion house Valentino has launched new brand identity packaging in what it calls a “necessary step” in the brand’s path to sustainability.

The sustainability-focused rebrand includes white shopping bags featuring a high contrast red embossed logo and red lining produced with 55 percent recycled paper. Forty percent originates from post-consumer waste, while 15 percent comes from the recycling of refused production material.

This philosophy is also being adopted for the boxes customised with the VLogo Signature, made in cardboard and tissue paper from sustainably managed forests.

While for the boutique stationery and greeting cards, the fashion house states it will have a “more experimental approach “ with pieces made up of 75 percent bamboo and 25 percent cotton linters. The hang tags will also have the same composition in the front, whilst the back will be 55 percent recycled paper.

When it comes to garment covers and dust bags, Valentino will ensure that each is made with 100 percent recycled cotton. Each will also feature bigger embroidered and embossed logos replicated on the hardware.

The sustainable approach will also cover gift boxes containing accessories, which will be made of 100 percent recycled cardboard and 55 percent recycled paper, as well as the waterproof shopping bag covers that will be produced in 100 percent recycled transparent material.

Additionally, the white ribbon with the ton-sur-ton logo, available in 3 different sizes for wrapping bags and gifts, will be 100 percent recycled. Recycling symbols will also be displayed on the bottom of the boxes to highlight the brand’s sustainable journey.

“Small imperfections will be part of the nature of the recycled concept and will stand for the Maison’s attention to authenticity,” explained the brand in a statement.

Both womenswear and menswear will fall under the umbrella of new brand identity, while ready-to-wear will be distinguished from accessories through the use of a bigger logo: Valentino for the former and Valentino Garavani for the latter.

The new packaging will be available in boutiques and on e-commerce platform from November 2021. Valentino added that the surplus of the pre-existing packaging will be distributed across markets and recovered for internal company initiatives to allow for a smooth and efficient transition.