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Virtual merchandising solution Artemis launches today

By Rachel Douglass

Feb 23, 2022


Image: Artemis, Emperia

Virtual reality (VR) technology developer Emperia has announced it will be launching a new SaaS solution, Artemis, that will allow brands to have control over visual merchandising in their virtual stores.

The technology will enable brands to update collections and refresh their digital store space easily, helping them to build a branded presence in the metaverse.

It will provide designers with the means to communicate their brand narrative through interactive experiences, aligning to their physical locations and pushing an omnichannel approach to retail. Additionally, the technology integrates directly into existing e-commerce platforms, allowing for inventory management and direct checkout.

Data analytics will also be available to aid in informed product placements through traffic analysis and tracked user activity.

In a release, Olga Dogadkina, Emperia’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said: “The past 12 months have been crucial in our space, with brands starting to switch from a one-off virtual promotional experiences state-of-mind into a notion of creating permanent online, flagship stores, which requires a different look and feel and user experience.”

She added: “With the realisation that clients will be using these spaces in the long term, and the need to constantly change/update the virtual store, the same way they would change their physical space, Emperia has created a platform that enables full customisation of both product display as well as decor, allowing brands full creative control; a new era in immersive virtual retail experience design.”