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Weltenbuerger shutters in Los Feliz this summer

By Sara Ehlers

Jun 18, 2015

Weltenbuerger, Los Angeles-based brand, announced that its shop will close on at the end of the month.

The brand is known for its Japanese and German influence on its clothing with a focus on high-end vintage. Weltenbuerger’s collections incorporate independent designers in order to bring an urban feel to the overall brand. Designers include Stella Proseyn, Marc Stone, New Friends, and Kuu Collection. Pieces for the brand include cover-up’s, maxi dresses, loose tops, and fitted bottoms. The overall style of Weltenbuerger encompasses a hippie-chic vibe with a spin on luxury clothing. Prices for the brand range from approximately 108 to 192 dollars.

Moving from Germany to Los Angeles, founder Bryan Sanderson started the Weltenbuerger brand. In the spring of 2010, the Weltenbuerger brand released one of its first collections. The brand since has combined with other designers as well as making its own in-house line W///. After creating his own line within Weltenbuerger, the contemporary vintage brand opened a store in Los Angeles. The location, based in Los Feliz, was open for five years. According to Apparel News, Sanderson decided to close the boutique so that he could focus more on his studies in computer science and musical composition. “I’ve done as much as I wanted to,” Sanderson told the publication.

After hosting a closing sale earlier last month, Weltenbuerger will be shuttering this summer. The avant-garde boutique plans to remain open until July 31.