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Beachlife Summer 2025: Fashion trends translated into swimwear

By Press Club


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SS25 Credits: Beachlife

Playful and refined, powerful and trendy. Welcome to the world of Beachlife, where summer 2025 is all about vibrant colors, graphic prints, and on-trend styles. Trendy, through the choice of popular fashion colors, striking prints, and seductive accessories that perfectly complement each other. The 2025 Beachlife collection is a powerful collection full of surprises, yet with a familiar fit. Designed for various body types and to exude confidence.

Trendy color palette and Eye-Catching swimwear fabrics

The new Beachlife Summer 2025 focuses on powerful designs with a trendy look and high-quality, rich fabrics. It consists of a variety of vibrant colors, glitters, textured fabrics, and bold fashion fabrics. Candy colors like shiny red, candy pink, and soft yellow are the real must-haves for color enthusiasts and fans of color blocking. Do you prefer prints? Then you’ll go wild for a colorful zebra print or classic teddy stripe. For a strikingly luxurious look within the collection, the new graphic black/white theme is perfect! The ‘tweed-like’ textured fabric gives a fun nod to a tailored suit, creating a cool tailored bikini look.

The color blue is prominently featured in the collection, including a fresh light blue in a velour variant and a timeless swimwear fabric in a modern Navy color.

The theme reappearing in the collection this year is the black and vanilla color block: Vanilla & Black. Due to its proven success, this theme will also return in a combination of a warm earth tone with vanilla color block.

Another standout theme within the collection worth mentioning is Green Shimmer – the lurex and shimmer fabric lets you shine beautifully. Prefer prints? Then choose a retro graphic, zebra print, or classic stripe on textured fabric. Many styles are made of high-quality textured fabrics, which will be indispensable for the trend-conscious woman.

SS25 Credits: Beachlife

New trendy styles in a familiar fit

In 2025, Beachlife continues to stay true to its goal of offering swimwear with a perfect fit, allowing every woman to wear her favorite swimwear items with confidence. Beachlife adds proven recurring models to the collection each season, giving them a fresh look. The beloved ruffle, twist-top, and ruched tops are once again an important part of this season’s collection, available in a variety of new prints, fabrics, and colors.

Next to its well-known and proven styles the Dutch swimwear label also introduces a range of trendy and fresh new styles, such as a halter deep plunge bikini top in cup sizes B, C, D, and a new triangle variant. The bikini bottoms collection is getting an upgrade with smaller, sexy models, including the popular Brazilian and thong bottoms, which will be added alongside the trusted bestsellers. Therefore, this year Beachlife introduces a tie-side bottom with a ruched seam that beautifully accentuates the body. For a playful effect, there is a new volant bottom with ruffle on the back. New swimsuit styles features elements such as a flattering low V-neck or a sexy open back with straps for closure that add a playful effect: real eye-catchers for sunny days!

SS25 Credits: Beachlife

In the 2025 collection, a lot of attention has been paid to designing swimwear suitable for different body types. Women with both small and large cup sizes have plenty of choices. Within the summer 2025 collection, a wide range of cup sizes from A up to F is available. In her favorite fit, every woman can mix and match her perfect bikini. Complete your beach look with a beautiful pareo or an oversized blouse.

Match your mini

Cool kids wear Beachlife. Twin this summer with the whole family in a kids’ collection for both girls and boys. The collection comes in the same colors and prints as the items for women and men. Match your mini-me in the summer of 2025 because we all know: twinning is winning.

Men’s Collection

The men’s collection is colorful and cool. From playful sharks to a blue zebra print, vibrant solid colors, and classic stripes in various colors. The selection includes cool beach shorts that sit above the knee.

Recycled fabric

Beachlife is committed to acting from a sustainability perspective and significant steps are being taken. Over 40% of the new 2025 collection is designed using recycled fabrics.

Brand story - Women

You want to enjoy life. And to be self-confident in everything you do. Whether you’re at home, at work, in the city or at the beach. We understand just how important the right outfit is in all those places. And how this affects the way you come across, your self-confidence and your identity. It’s only logical that you pay attention to this – and want to look stylish, sporty or trendy. Most of the time, this is easy-peasy for you. You are a fashion-conscious woman, after all. You know what looks good on you. But in a world that offers so many choices there is always uncertainty lurking nearby. Particularly if this is about swimwear, when you are just about as naked as you can be.

It is precisely then you want every detail to be perfect. The fabric. The print. The design. And, above all, the fit and the comfort. You want a bikini that gives you exactly the right support and stays perfectly in place. No matter your body shape or what you plan to do. And that is precisely what Beachlife offers. Fashionable, unique bikinis and swimsuits with the fit of your dreams. For more than forty years, you’ve been able to rely on each collection bringing you a perfect fit that was tried and tested; on models whose body type perfectly matches your own. And still, every collection is different in a surprising, new way. With trendy prints and sophisticated designs that suit your personality like no other. So that you can be your exuberant self, without any effort. And so that nothing will keep you back from enjoying the sun, sea and beach! Shine on.

Beachlife. Feel the fit.

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