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Betty & Co Grey Autumn/Winter 2021

By Press Club

Sep 22, 2021


Image: Betty & Co Grey

Betty & Co Grey kicks off autumn with neutrals like warm sand and toffee as a base. Relaxed silhouettes like hoodies and overshirts emphasise the easy Grey style and form distinctive looks. The themes are close to nature – vegan suede remains key, while sustainable styles are represented in all product groups.

Autumn colours on light fabrics like viscose and soft jersey garments create modern hoodie combos and new zippered sweatshirts in July. The overshirt in a casual toffee wash creates an instantly wearable style combined with the comfortable jersey trousers with details. Striking shirts in spice colours with inspiring logos and word placements play a significant role.

Image: Betty & Co Grey

The "Spirit Of The Forest" theme grounds us in lush green tones. Khaki meets denim in the key outfit: an overshirt with a hoodie and joggers. Shirts and sweaters come in all varieties – fashion happens at the top this season. Outdoor styles are new, like the paddle jacket in vineyard green with millefleur details on the hood. The print language is characterised by minimalism and an arty flower print.

Image: Betty & Co Grey

September features Grey's signature broken-up, casual looks in toffee and terra tones. Easygoing is the rule for knits, sweaters and shirts in cosy, autumnal materials. The leather overshirt with half-zip sweater paired with casual trousers, and the floral dress paired with a hooded sweatshirt are outfits that can be worn anywhere. The floral print can also be found on sweaters and shirts. A bright puffer jacket with ribbed details completes the theme.

Read more about Betty & Co Grey on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/betty-co

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