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Bright colours and neutral tones - Veja's spring/summer 2023 collection

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Image: Veja

Since 2004, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials.

VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, Amazonian rubber for the soles, and various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester. VEJA sneakers are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil. Part of VEJA’s logistics is managed by Log’ins, a professional and social inclusion company.

For SS23, VEJA is introducing new colours for their mainline and kids & baby styles. From light and neutral designs that are upgraded with the signature pop of colour in form of the ‘V’ logo, to darker styles where the upper of the sneaker is made from grey, blue or even black material – the SS23 collection offers a wide choice of colour combinations.

Materialwise, VEJA sticks to their signature fabrics, combining design, functionality and sustainability with organic cotton, recycled polyester, sustainably sourced leather and vegan leather alternatives, as well as blended fabrics to create resistant mesh surfaces. Their running styles also make use of specific tech materials, tailored to the needs of activewear shoes.

SS23 Mainline

For the SS23 mainline, VEJA reinterprets some of their classic styles with new colour accents. Nevertheless the SS23 collection also features their signature design language in which light-coloured upper soles are combined with a single colour.

The V-10, V-15 and the Venturi sneaker will be available in pastel colour combinations, showing different combinations of light blue, soft pink, apricot and subtle mint combined with beige and grey tones.

Image: Veja

Bright green recurs in several styles of the SS23 collection - whether as a small detail or in diverging shades in fully coloured styles.

Image: Veja

Diverging from the vibrant colours colours and neutral tones, VEJA presents the Dekkan in a darker version and with a greyscale design.

Image: Veja

SS23 Kids & Baby

Just like the mainline, the children’s styles show a similar plethora of colour combinations.

As one of the sportier styles, the Canary Light sneaker comes with brightly coloured laces and the typical ‘V’ logo, accentuating their dynamic lines with orange and cornflower blue, as well as soft pink and bright purple details.

Image: Veja

VEJA’s V-10 – a classic sneaker with velcro or lace closure – presents the most colourful combinations for SS23, with designs that combine green, blue, yellow and orange, but also soft pink and beiges tones as well as one designs consisting of rose gold, gold and silver parts.

Image: Veja

The Flip and Ollie style, both characterised by a perforated outer sole, will be available in uni colours ranging from pink, yellow, dark green, two shades of blue, black and a white version with a bright pink logo.

Image: Veja
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