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BULAGGI goes green

By Press Club

Oct 14, 2021


BULAGGI the bag. A family business that has been designing, producing and distributing for more than 50 years. We can proudly say that BULAGGI is a well-known player within the fashion industry and bag industry. The company was founded in 1969 by Wim and Trix Walraven and since 2016 has been successfully taken over by the next generation: daughter Annemarieke Schouten-Walraven. The company has now grown into an international organization with an office in the Netherlands with colleagues in several countries such as Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Despite the successful expansion, the family feeling is still paramount.

BULAGGI is a progressive eco- and animal-friendly sophisticated bag brand.
BULAGGI wants to celebrate all the unique characteristics of a woman with a perfectly fitting bag. At a time when an outfit is not just a look but part of your identity, we think it is important that this is accessible. BULAGGI understands what women want and offers a range of affordable, on-trend, high quality vegan bags with rich extras for every occasion: “Desire within reach”.

In the BULAGGI range you will find bags made of various animal-friendly materials. BULAGGI only sells bags made from non-animal materials. We try to take into account the material, stitching and glue. The range has been approved by the animal welfare organization PETA and is therefore 100% vegan. This means that we do not use leather, fur, wool, exotic skins and/or other animal materials. By wearing the PETA-approved Vegan logo, we have compassion for animals.

We are aware of the increasing pressure on the environment and how this has led to increased demand for more environmentally friendly materials. That is why we are looking for new materials that are also more environmentally friendly. There are several series in our collection that are water-based or recycled. The five series within BULAGGI are: the Basalt, Acorn, Cynthia, Rainbow & Gauze collection. Of course we try to expand the eco-friendly collection even more every season.

In addition, BULAGGI tries to take an extra step in the right direction with each collection in an environmentally friendly way. From our SS21 we have achieved a plastic reduction of no less than 80%. We have achieved this by, for example, no longer using polybags, but now recycled paper and/or dustbags. Our bags are also filled with recycled paper instead of plastic. For AW21/22 we achieved an even higher percentage of almost 90% less plastic than before.

Read more about BULAGGI on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/bulaggi