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BYBORRE SS20: The TDK Edition™ Online Launch

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The BYBORRE studio serves both as a material development hub, a production lab, a design studio and, overall, a center for questioning how fashions of the future can be more responsible, providing a better, sustainable product to people worldwide.

Showing the depth of BYBORRE’s commitment to improving the wider industry and leading the way when it comes to best practices, SS20 marks the introduction of the TDK, short for Textile Development Kit™, which sees BYBORRE’s special resources and unique way of working opened up.

The TDK Edition™

The TDK Edition™ (TDK is short for Textile Development Kit™), is a celebration of the BYBORRE process: a history of rule-breaking and re-thinking how textiles are made and used.

The TDK Edition™, the latest seasonal collection under the BYBORRE label, celebrates a watershed moment in BYBORRE’s history. It reflects the special way of working at the BYBORRE studio, where inventive textiles are developed with curiosity and an open-mind, and also serves as a marker for these tools and textiles being opened up to others worldwide.

The in-house BYBORRE label has always functioned as a platform for demonstrating the studio’s rule-breaking approach and The TDK Edition™ pays tribute to a passion for experimentation. The label, and this collection, serve as a showcase for the Textile Development Kit™ – a chance to reflect on what’s possible with new BYBORRE textiles, and best practices in how they can be turned into desirable, relevant garments. In a sense, the BYBORRE label is the first client of the BYBORRE Textile Lab, and the TDK Edition™ is the result of the design team playing with the tools on offer and questioning how they could be of use to others, to make better clothing for everyone.

BYBORRE stands for a commitment to responsible design and improving global processes. For years, many of BYBORRE’s innovative textiles have found their way into the studios and ateliers of a dynamic range of clients; from high fashion houses to some of the world’s biggest sportswear leaders. This collaborative, open source approach has defined the BYBORRE story. With this in mind, BYBORRE are opening up the TDK, allowing others to create their own textiles using the studio’s signature techniques. The team are calling it BYBORRE INSIDE – look out for the label inside garments from various brands worldwide.


BYBORRE’s label functions as the perfect playground to both experiment and refine material innovations and showcase them to the world. With each new Edition, the BYBORRE label highlights the genuine usability and creative potential of BYBORRE’s textiles. The label commemorates the biggest ideas coming out of the studio.

TDK - Textile Development Kit™

The Textile Development Kit™ represent the special way of working at the BYBORRE studio, where inventive textiles are developed with curiosity and an open-mind, and also serves as a marker for these tools and textiles being opened up to others worldwide. It provides the steps needed to develop textiles the BYBORRE way, allowing professional designers to custom engineer textiles that can be produced at scale, locally and fully transparent on all steps. By giving professionals full control over all textile variables (with a focus on function, feel, aesthetics and footprint) simultaneously in one place, they can create without being discouraged by the hassles of an outdated supply chain. It’s the BYBORRE mission to change the game of textiles from a sourcing driven industry to a design and innovation focused one.


The latest addition to the BYBORRE textile family. The AO2™ (Attachment Only 2 layer) creates a strong yet airy and breathable two layered knit without a filling yarn. With a tight attachment between front and back, colours and graphics pop on this structured fabric. Yarn choice on both the front and backside of the fabric are all fully configurable on the AO2™. The AO2™ can be used reversible and is available in different weights and various yarn combinations.

The Woolmark Company capsule

The 9-piece Merino capsule is an important part of The TDK Edition™. Key pieces from the collection have been executed following the True Color design principle, were every step in the process is considered and challenged to be made as responsible as possible. Signature fabrics were rendered using a unique combination of undyed Merino wool and Coolmax® yarn, and NILIT Heat - an environmentally friendly yarn which integrates coffee charcoal (from coffee bean shells) into the nylon fibre - the resulting fabric is 75% Merino wool with enhanced breathability and moisture wicking properties.

As the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company invests in the research, development and marketing of this 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Working alongside like-minded brands - such as BYBORRE - allows for the development of more intelligent wool products and processes. It’s this symbiosis of information and innovation which has been brought to life through BYBORRE’s Textile Development Kit™.

The TDK Edition™ collection is available now and shipping worldwide via BYBORRE.com and select retailers worldwide.

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

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