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CreativeNL Open Call: Join us as a Game Changer in Hong Kong

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Credits: CreativeNL

Active in the creative industry on circular design and ambitions in Asia? Join the Game Changers exchange program! Please contact us before 25 September 2023.

The Netherlands is partner of the Hong Kong Design Centre in 2023. The whole year is dedicated to exchanges around circular design. Are you involved in this topic, do you have international ambitions in Asia and interested in joining? Let us know! Please do so as soon as possible and no later than 25 September 2023 via an e-mail to Monique Knapen. We are happy to facilitate you and discuss what role you could possibly play in the program.

Mission: November 28 to December 1, 2023

A four-day program (mission) for Dutch companies is in preparation. This will take place during the Business Of Design Week (BODW) from November 28 to December 1, 2023 in Hong Kong.

The Netherlands is partner country of the Business Of Design Week 2023. BODW is Asia's most influential annual event on design, innovation and brands. After a successful, preparatory collaboration in 2022, the Top Team Creative Industry will collaborate with BODW in 2023 on the challenges involved in the transition to a circular economy.

Meet Up: September 15, 2023

Curious to know more and meet the team and other participants? Join our Meet Up in The Hague on Friday 15 September. Please sign up here.

Together with our partner Hong Kong Design Centre; the Netherlands consulate-general in Hong Kong and Macao; the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the ministries of Education, Culture and Science; Foreign Affairs; and Economic Affairs and Climate Policy - we are preparing an attractive offer open to participation by around 15 Dutch companies.

In the coming weeks, we will work out the programme in more detail. The focus is on architecture, sustainable fashion and product design. We are committed to facilitating long-term cooperation between Dutch companies, designers and researchers with partners in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area.

Program components of the (joint) mission are:

  • Participation in the conference (BODW)
  • Presentations and round-table discussions in The Room NL (Dutch pavilion above the main conference hall)
  • Various networking opportunities
  • Opportunity for individual matchmaking/ appointments, excursions
  • Gala dinner
  • Participation Dutch night

Why participate?

This is your chance to explore or strengthen lasting relationships with partners in Hong Kong. Also the participation of Director-General at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Media - Barbera Wolfersberger will open doors.

You can deepen your knowledge thanks to dozens of presentations by international experts. Dutch speakers including Ben van Berkel (UNStudio), José Teunissen (Amsterdam Fashion Institute), Winy Maas (MVRDV) and Francine Houben (Mecanoo) will also take the stage. Furthermore, this is the perfect opportunity to optimally present your company/organisation in The Room NL to an international professional audience and increase your market opportunities.

What are the costs?

Travel and accommodation costs are at the participants' own expense. You can use our proposed travel package (attractive package will follow as soon as possible). Attendance of the BODW is included. You can visit Hong Kong (for up to six months) without a visa.

Credits: CreativeNL

Awareness of our impact on the environment

We are aware that this mission, including travelling to Hong Kong, has a major impact on the environment. We make our program as circular as possible and, together with our partners, make an effort to keep any negative impact as small as possible and also measurable.


As executor of CLICKNL's international program, CreativeNL, is responsible for the organisation of this mission. The mission is being developed in close cooperation with the Hong Kong Design Centre, the Netherlands consulate general in Hong Kong and Macao, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the ministries of Education, Culture and Science; Economic Affairs and Climate Policy; Foreign Affairs.

Game Changers

The national Game Changers programme consists of activities in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, including matchmaking, expert meetings at seminars, nominations for awards, working visits and an exhibition.

Many people have already registered as interested. The Dutch program during the Knowledge Of Design Week in June was a great success. Parties also met during the extended working visit of a delegation from Hong Kong early this year. You can read the report in this e-book.

More information and contact

Questions or suggestions? Please contact our country expert China, Monique Knapen, e-mail monique@creativenl.nl

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