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Dstrezzed presents you the new Autumn Winter 2023 collection – Discover the Nordics

By Press Club

Jan 20, 2023


Image: Dstrezzed

This season we discover the Nordics. A ferry crossing takes you and your brothers to Lofoten - hundreds of islands scattered along the coasts draped with tiny fishing villages. Approaching from the south you’ll be left speechless. From your modern wooden cottage deep down the fjords, it’s time to explore winter’s best. Grab your skis, and go down the slopes of mountains that rise from sea level. When you arrive back at the remote valleys, regional cuisine is waiting for you, while you stare quietly into the dark as you and your brothers enjoy some good wine, laughter and the northern lights above.

Inspired by the Nordics the Autumn Winter ‘23 collection shows natural elements, characterized by a functional approach to form. The wild outdoors with long nights and temperatures below zero contribute to the choice of durable and strong fabrics. From water-repellent finishes to warm padded styles and beautiful rich fabrics such as wool-Merino and other natural fibers. The warmer, the better.

Image: Dstrezzed

The collection offers new fashion styles. Up-to-date layers like knitted spencers and cardigans, as well as oversized and loose fits to create playfulness in proportions. We also keep focusing on functionality in jackets and overcoats, while the solid foundation of our collection: denim, expands. After a walk through Nordic nature, a color palette of dark hues like navy, sand, and green comes to life, with brown as the foundation. Supported by accent colors like aubergine, dark red, and sea green. And with our modern take on Nordic patterns, the entire collection comes together. Functional, timeless, and versatile, our Autumn Winter ‘23 collection brings you calmness in the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

Image: Dstrezzed

More about Dstrezzed: Dstrezzed is a menswear brand that has been creating quality and comfortable clothing for the modern gents of the world for over 10 years. Its collections are sold internationally at 800 locations (and still counting), reaching a worldwide community. Built on the idea to enjoy the good things in life, Dstrezzed is exactly what it sounds like ‘Don’t Stress.’ The brotherhood is bold, rebellious, always authentic. The iconic octagonal logo symbolizes infinity and stands for the endless connection as brothers.

Dstrezzed, FW23

This brand movie invites you to learn everything there is to know about our brand. Understanding where we have come from, who we are today and where we plan to go. It introduces you to the unique personality of Dstrezzed: the way we think, the way we speak, the way we act. We welcome you to join us and continue on this crazy adventure together. Welcome to the brotherhood of the modern gent.

For questions or more information, please email roosmarijn@dstrezzed.com

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