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ESCADA introduces the new resort 2022 collection

By Press Club


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Once upon a time in an era of privilege and exclusivity, two vibrant women with great personal style and splendor, locked in conversation by a sparkling turquoise swimming pool, cocktails in hand, overlooking a few leggy friends. An idyllic surrounding of easy breezy privilege and extravaganza where we will dive into, for the next ESCADA Resort Collection 2022. Attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things, with a kind of effortless fabulousness that tells us: keep dreaming!

Surreal, but also genuine, sophisticated and definitely sharp and stunning. A beautiful, healthy, harmonic setting, the ideal world that we can only live in dreams? A perfect life in an ideal society that often appears out of reach. For our Resort Collection 2022 you will be able to live this experience, this elegant, modern and sharp, though utopic world of beauty and style.


Founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, the ESCADA brand is rooted in a con- fident and elegant vision of femininity, underscored by refined quality and workmanship.

Over its 40-year history, its renowned love of bold colour, print and detail have attracted a devoted global following and now, these codes are given a distinctly contemporary twist.

Read more about ESCADA on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/escada

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