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Everything you need to know about: COS

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Image: COS

The brand is known for its often uni-coloured wardrobe staples that express Scandinavian minimalism. The collections feature voluminous and sharp cut basics bestowing the wearer with wardrobe essentials defined by an understated elegance - just as the name “Collection of Style”, or COS in short, suggests.


COS opened its first ever store in London in 2007. In 2011, an international online shop followed. During the following years, the brand expanded globally, counting over 150 stores in over 30 countries in 2022. The brand, despite belonging to the Scandinavian H&M Group, operates on its own and has had the same creative director - namely Karin Gustafsson.


The label experienced an upsurge in popularity with the minimalist fashion movement of the mid 2010s and became a reliable choice for customers looking for higher quality at affordable prices. Throughout the years, the brand has perfected its approach to elevated basics, becoming a steady force to be reckoned with in the spheres of commercial fashion retail. The label filled a gap between fast fashion and luxury, meeting the needs of consumers who are looking for styles that last while still reflecting the current zeitgeist. Despite the general acceleration in the fashion industry and the success of fast fashion, COS sticks to two collections a year.


The brand strongly holds on to its idea of ”inspired minimalism” providing timeless pieces for a mature fashion customer. The brand frequently participates in collaborations, joining forces with fashion designers, fashion brands, architects as well as artists to create special projects that share the values of simplicity and quality that the brand has pursued since its founding.

Image: COS
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