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Everything you need to know about: Elvy Fashion

By Press Club



Elvy Fashion, official website of the brand

Elvy started by offering cute festival and crossbody bags for women on the move. With practical designs, fashionable details and affordable prices, the brand has evolved into a beloved choice for active women with strong fashion taste.


Elvy founded its leather bags and belts brand in 2015 by singer Laura Vlasblom and her partner Michel Veenman. It all started with the idea of designing a small leather bag for people to wear during Dutch festivals. The bag was inspired by Polish ammunition bags during WWII as they could hold all of your belongings. The collection soon expanded to include shoppers and handbags, thus allowing the brand to enter the French and German markets.


In 2017, the brand added belts to its collection with a wide variety of classic and trendy designs. The waist belt is one of Elvy’s iconic pieces and the brand offers hundreds of original pieces to wrap around your waist in beautiful ways. The brand’s products are made in Europe under European rules and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) conditions in the Netherlands, Italy and Morocco. The skins used are cow skins of high-quality and come in different colours and finishes.


Elvy now offers a menswear collection for every style. Elvy bags and belts can be found in 500 stores throughout Benelux. The brand tries to refresh its collections regularly and continuously develop new styles.

Elvy Fashion, official website of the brand
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Elvy Fashion
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