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Everything you need to know about: Forét

By Press Club

Mar 7, 2022


Forét, FW22, courtesy of the brand

Forét has one mission in mind: for people to slow down. The brand wants you to take the time to rediscover the small details in life and go explore nature. Using high-quality fabrics made from responsible materials, Forét creates simple and timeless designs for your everyday life, indoor or outdoor.


Forét is a Danish brand founded in 2014 by two childhood friends, Jeppe Alexander Meier and Jesper Finderup. They started with a small loan and were waiting in line at the post office to ship their items to customers. The name is inspired by the French word for forest. The brand quickly became successful in the Nordic Fashion world, thanks to its stylish designs but also because of its transparency and mission to help you reconnect with nature.


Since day one, the goal of the brand is to be respectful of the environment and work towards a more responsible future, without compromise. The products are made using hard-wearing materials that last and can be worn every day, in comforting and rich earth tones. Jesper and Jeppe believe in the longevity of the materials, and the longevity of their designs. Their collections are also inspired by happy memories and boast names like “I am a gardener”, “Campfire Club” or “Fish & Folk”.


In its ambition to link nature and city life, Forét keeps on offering fleece jackets, knitwear, shirts, cargo pants and all the basics you need, but also utilitarian items such as mugs, water bottles, coffee flask and tote bags. The brand can be found online and at selected multi-brands stores.

Forét, FW22, courtesy of the brand
Forét, courtesy of the brand
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