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Everything you need to know about: Pepe Jeans

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Image: “Between Us” campaign by Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans is an internationally recognized brand specialised in denim. Their portfolio includes womens, mens and kids clothing.


Pepe Jeans was founded in 1973 in London by three brothers. What began as a stall selling denim apparel at the infamous Portobello Road Market in London, soon turned into a brick & mortar store on Carnaby Street. The brand was brought to early success by the brothers Nitin, Arun and Milan Shah - just a few years later, Pepe Jeans expanded to Ireland and continued its expansion to different countries in Europe in the years after 1983. Profiting from the upsurge in denim among the fashion crowds in the 80s and 90s, Pepe Jeans was able to build an international enterprise whose success story showed fast and steady growth.


Later on, the Pepe Jeans Group also operated Hackett, and managed the distribution of Tommy Hilifger and Calvin Klein in Spain and Portugal. In 2020, the Pepe Jeans Group was renamed as All We Wear Group, unifying the different operations under one name.

On a product level, Pepe Jeans focuses on a “perfect fit for every occasion and body type” - featuring styles from skinny, slim and straight, to flare and trend. Next to denim, the brand offers apparel ranging from a broad variety of clothing including outerwear, to accessories and footwear. Pepe Jeans provides elaborate information on how their styles fit, making it easier for both customers and retail assistants to detect the right pair of jeans. In 2017, Pepe Jeans launched a new B2B platform offering easier solutions to their retail partners.


Recently, the brand presented a sustainability platform under the name ‘Pepe Future’ where the brand aims to update customers on their sustainability efforts. Herein, the brand refers to three pillars, namely ‘Responsible Materials’, ‘Water’ and ‘Sustainable Finishes” - showing a focus on sustainability on a sourcing and production level. The efforts achieved under this project apply to Pepe Future garments.

Image: “Between Us” campaign by Pepe Jeans London
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