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Everything you need to know about: Scotch & Soda

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Image: Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam based brand that makes ready-to-wear collections for men, women and children. The brand is known for its cheerful and free spirited approach to fashion, offering their customers designs that stand for individuality and authenticity.


Scotch & Soda was founded in 1985 in the heart of Amsterdam. The brand originally started out as a wholesale business, making clothing for men only. After the early success of their designs, the brand expanded into direct-to-consumer business, as well as womens and childrens clothing.


Scotch & Soda aimes “to create the ultimate wardrobe for their customers, suitable for every day of the week, with unique and beautiful designs that excite, empower and inspire. As such, the brand often makes use of bold prints and patterns, combining strong colours and paying attention to details with buttons, embroidery and different types of fabric textures. The brand's denim line, called Amsterdam Blauw, a reference to the Dutch word for blue, has become an important pillar of the brand's portfolio. In recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important factor for the brand, which is why they launched a denim repair service in 2022, through which customers can extend the life cycle of their Amsterdam Blauw jeans.


The brand sells their collection in 224 freestanding stores and 7.000 point of sales in the metropoles of the world, including locations in New York, London and Paris. In addition to being globally represented with physical stores, the brand ships to over 70 countries through their online shop. Scotch & Soda continues to pursue the open mindedness of its city of origin, translating Amsterdams spirit into their designs with an effortless, playful approach to fashion. Scotch & Soda frequently participates in collaboration, among them projects with e-bike manufacturer Van Moof, educational institution Jean School, as well as lifestyle brands and artists from all over the world.

Image: Scotch&Soda/OBCM
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