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Fashion 360, a unique new sustainability support community for fashion industry professionals

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Credits: Trimco Group, Kezzler, Tomra

Trimco Group, Kezzler and Tomra Textiles, significant players in the provision of circular technology and digital product identity solutions, have joined forces to develop a pioneering community, FASHION360, to help support the fashion industry’s sustainability journey and transition to circularity.

With a shared ambition of making fashion more sustainable, FASHION 360 aims to create a global community of fashion industry professionals for sharing knowledge and expertise through a series of collaborative workshops. The events will provide participants with insights, practical advice from experts and industry colleagues, plus the tools to support their next steps. Importantly, it’s a safe space in which they can discuss the challenges they encounter on the road to improved circularity and meeting compliance challenges such as the forthcoming EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) regulations.

Following the success of two pilot events in Oslo and Munich, five further European events have now been confirmed, with more in the pipeline. The events can be found at fashion360.live.

“No one can solve circularity alone. The challenges our industry face are so complex that we need many different experts, innovators and suppliers to work together to develop viable solutions that the industry can adopt to move forward. This is what we aim to achieve with FASHION 360’s goal – to support the development of a global network of collaborators with circularity at its very core,” states Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability and Compliance Director at Trimco Group.

Trimco Group, Kezzler and Tomra Textiles already share a powerful alliance, with their various expertise complementing each other to help brands in their transition to circularity. Tomra’s expertise and advanced applications in recycling and waste recovery are essential to address some of fashion’s biggest challenges. Meanwhile, Trimco Group’s ProductDNA® and compliant label manufacturing expertise, along with Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform and legacy advanced Digital Identity technology, enables them to offer brands a single, comprehensive solution that addresses transparency, labelling, Digital IDs, and more. With experience across the industry in the working with numerous brands to address the EU-funded DPP CIRPASS project, FASHION360, is able to offer guidance and advice based on a strong track record in Digital IDs and circularity.

Credits: Trimco Group, Kezzler, Tomra

“We all have a role to play in making fashion more sustainable, and we can’t do it alone. FASHION 360 is a commitment to bring together experts and brands from across the industry. We are building a community where technology providers and brands can interact and shape the future industry applications. By sharing what we’ve learned, we can all help create a thriving ecosystem that drives real change towards a circular future,” says Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, SVP of Retail & Apparel at Kezzler.

“We need a new textile revolution, shifting from optimizing for linear efficiency – with massive costs to people and the planet – towards a circular value chain. Closing the gap between waste textiles and textile-to-textile recycling will require regulations and incentives, investments in infrastructure, and building a robust digital core to ensure trust, transparency, and traceability. The common denominator to make this happen is collaboration across the value chain, and FASHION 360 is an effort to do that,” said Vibeke Krohn, Head of TOMRA Textiles.

In addition to the founder brand experts, each event will also feature different guest contributors at their very location, including PLM and EPR partners, helping attendees to the challenges that brands are facing and map out cross-functional solutions.

To join the FASHION360 movement and find out more about the events, visit fashion360.live or email community@fashion360.live.

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