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Fjällräven wool: Harnessing nature's functional marvel

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Credits: Fjällräven

In the realm of outdoor apparel, wool plays a pivotal role, and Fjällräven has embraced this natural fiber to provide both comfort and sustainability. This article delves into the unique attributes of Fjällräven wool, from its natural heat regulation to its commitment to sustainability and ethical production.

Innovative heat regulation

Fjällräven champions wool, not just as an insulator but as a natural heat regulator. Its ability to maintain comfort in various climates, by trapping air between fibers, makes it ideal for outdoor wear.

Scent resistance and moisture management

A standout feature of wool is its odor resistance, essential for active lifestyles. It wicks moisture from the body, keeping garments fresh even during intense activities.

Commitment to sustainability

Emphasizing sustainability, Fjällräven utilizes diverse wool types, including surplus wool from Italian suppliers and Swedish sheep. This approach minimizes environmental impact while harnessing wool's natural benefits.

Ethically sourced wool

Since achieving traceability in down sourcing in 2014, Fjällräven has been working towards a fully traceable wool supply chain, focusing on ethical sourcing practices.

Diverse Wool Offerings

Traceable Wool: Mulesing-free and ZQ standard certified, ensuring animal welfare and environmental responsibility.

Re-Wool: A blend of pre and post-consumer recycled wool, turning garment waste into new yarns.

Recovered Wool: Quality wool from seasonal shearings, repurposed to prevent waste.

Brattlands Wool: From Fjällräven’s own project in Sweden, focusing on holistic farming and first-class craftsmanship.

Fjällräven’s wool strategy reflects its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and ethical responsibility, marking its leadership in eco-friendly fashion.

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