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Forét releases Fall/Winter 2022 collection

By Press Club

Jan 14, 2022



Forét’s FW22 collection redefines the way that we see nature and the way that we dress, reminding us that life is just outside our door.

Born in 2014, Forét is into its seventh year of crafting contemporary collections that revolve around life in the wild. For many brands, the first years are spent finding a voice in the loud, fast-paced world of menswear. For Forét, though, these years have been about slowing things down so that the label’s confident personality can shine, far away from the bright lights and crowds of the city. Fall/Winter 2022 sees Forét venture further into the wild than ever before, not just in the philosophy that underpins the collection, but also in the garments that populate it.


Unfortunately, the long summer days that we take for granted every year have come to an end. This can be an uninspiring and difficult time to get through. But, using the changing season as its inspiration, Forét FW22 turns the dark into positivity through a collection that redefines our way of seeing. Every piece of the latest collection seeks to blur the line between outdoor clothing and casual staples. Retaining the brand’s signature sense of stillness and simplicity, FW22 offers a chance to take in the rolling hills, heave a deep breath of fresh, countryside air, and escape the speed of change for a moment.


In a world where consumers are coerced into constantly refreshing their wardrobes, Forét FW22 takes a bold stance to offer items that stretch across occasions. It’s in this collection that we really see Forét’s masterful ability to harness contemporary versatility. Whether it’s a new crop of technical outerwear for weekend escapes or hard-wearing button-down shirts, every item has been considered down to its last detail to offer complete effectivity across the board.


Particularly eye-catching this season is an increased focus on detailing. Shell jackets cut from recycled polyester feature a range of pockets to ensure you’re never left wanting while you’re on the trail; similarly, sherpa fleeces are defined by wrap-around ripstop paneling which offers carry space for all your essentials. But, alongside functional detailing comes a renewed appreciation for the visual beauty of nature. One of the standout highlights of the collection is a high-quality white long-sleeved T-shirt which features an illustration of the hills of Røsnæs to remind everyone of the beauty that awaits outside their door.


In this way, Forét’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection is a product of the hard, insular year caused by COVID. Blending functionality and beauty, the collection celebrates the freedom of the outdoors by allowing its wearer to enjoy the wild in comfort while also positioning nature at the centre of its visual character.

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