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Kimono blazers - Their attractiveness

By Press Club



Yvette LIBBY

Kimono styles originated from Japan that date back to the 18th century, and the word means “clothing”. They are a traditional form of clothing worn by both men and women. Now westernized into the kimono blazer, and designers have used different fabric to create excellent styles of kimono. The kimono blazers have many variations in designs, materials, and textures.

A kimono blazer is considered as a work of art: meticulous from choosing fabrics, decorating patterns to combining colors and accessories, etc.. Today it is the “must-have-item” of fashionistas. You can style these exciting pieces for any season and apply to all situations, and they are usually easy to combine with clothes. They are great for women and men of all shapes and sizes.

Yvette LIBBY

The kimono blazers are great pieces of fashion items you should have in your wardrobe. You can combine them with any kind of outfit. Choose a delicate kimono to add sophistication to a casual outfit.

Be more fashionable and stylish with a combination of a long kimono blazer and trousers. It can be worn with soft, loose-fitting or straight trousers.

Yvette LIBBY

Kimono blazers are very versatile. You can wear them over a gown, even a long skirt. It gives you a unique look.

Yvette LIBBY

A Kimono blazer can become a great addition to the most basic outfit – for example, with a white blouse and trousers or skirt. (If you want to pair a skirt with a kimono, you better choose a pencil skirt or a combination with white shirt and simple trousers). That’s a perfect combo for an office wardrobe.

Yvette LIBBY

You can cinch the kimono blazer with a belt, and combine skinny jeans. They are really great fashion styles.

Yvette LIBBY

The long kimono blazer has a classic but modern appeal. Try it with a glamorous dress, it could add sophistication to your dress and gives you a stunning look.

However, because the style of the shirt is usually spacious, consider your body shape when choosing your kimono. And pay attention to the fabric and color. If you have a shiny kimono jacket, there is nothing better than wearing it with a monochromatic outfit. With dozens of colors, it’s best to combine it with an all white outfit.

A kimono can become an excellent addition to your casual style. Pairing it with shorts, a simple top and sneakers or sandals. What an eye-catching outfit!

With bold nomadic boho style, fringed kimono blazers bring a cool look and personality to you. Boyfriend jeans, denim shorts or skirts are very suitable when wearing a fringed kimono. You can combine it with a monochromatic shirt dress for a minimal look.

Wearing the kimono blazers can very easily make you look fantastic and unique. All you need is to layer them over your outfit, this is the perfect way to add sophistication to an outfit without looking too dramatic.

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