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Kings of Indigo FW21 Collection

By Press Club


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Inspired by the minimalism of high-quality Japanese denim and the heritage of the American jean, the Kings Of Indigo design team brings its own unique flavor to the denim world. The seasonal collection offers around 180 pieces of jeans and apparel. The collection consists of 45% men’s styles, 50% women’s and 5% unisex pieces. Kings Of Indigo sells in collaboration with 300 selected retailers in 12 countries and online. Kings Of Indigo is a pioneer in sustainable fashion and 100% PETA certified vegan.

We tell it like it is, so consumers can make conscious choices. Kings Of Indigo is 100% transparent about where and how we produce our sustainable garments.

EIM by Jeanologia

From this season on, we’ve implemented the EIM tool (short for Environmental Impact Measuring) on all of our denims. This helps us to accurately measure the impact a garment’s wash has on the environment. The software indicates the water, energy and chemical used and the impact on worker‘s health. With a high – medium – low score system, we offer customers honest insight in the actual impact, denim per denim.

K.O.I x Calik x AWARE™ - A true innovation
With sustainability being the word of the day, it’s easy to get caught up in false claims. We’re taking our transparency level up a notch, providing our customers with actual proof that our fabrics are 100% sustainable. Today’s AWARE™  technology allows consumers to trace the fabric in their clothes all the way back to the mill that made it, ruling out any and all greenwashing.

It starts with a tracer that is placed inside the sustainable material. Production can then run its course and the fabric will stay traceable for the entire lifespan of the textile. The final product can easily be scanned and traced using blockchain technology. Together with denim mill Calik, we’ve implemented AWARE™ technology in our AW21 collection. Be the change you want to see in the world, right?

Sukajan originated in Japan, when American soldiers returning home decorated their jackets with embroidery in remembrance of time spent with their brothers in arms. The sukajan pieces in our AW21 collection feature a Japanese spiny lobster, our spirit animal the K.O.I carp and a dragon, a symbol of strength and determination in the swim against the tide of fast fashion.

Our sukajan garments are woven with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, made from sustainable wood sources, produced in a closed loop system which recycles 99% of the waste and water used in the process.

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