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Liam Hodges x Boardies I Swimwear

By Press Club


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This season, Boardies have collaborated with London designer, Liam Hodges - introducing swimwear by Liam Hodges x Boardies. The four-piece capsule is created with fabrics made from 100% recycled water bottles. The mixed, deconstructed Liam Hodges prints disrupt their aesthetic illusion and reminds one of the design process.

The collective consciousness is forced into a liminal space between the metrics of never-ending social media accounts. The pressures that this duality causes leaves us not only competing with others but also the past and present untruths we have created in a quasi-dystopian battle royale.

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Liam Hodges is a luxury streetwear brand for those who forsake conformity each and every day. Founded by Liam Hodges in 2013, the eponymous brand is built on the concept of serving a generation born online in their own de nition of the aspirational and successful; a generation empowered by knowledge and self-awareness in a virtual contemporary narrative. Based out of Silvertown, London, signature Liam Hodges fuses in uences from modern subcultures and postmodernism with innovative streetwear designs that combine patch-working with wide silhouettes and a strong graphic language.


Boardies® is a lifestyle brand celebrating a world of creativity, travel and good times. Our unique designs are influenced by experiences around the world and the people and places that inspire us. They express originality, positivity and confidence. We tell stories through original hand drawn designs, creating distinctive graphics whilst never conforming or compromising on style. At Boardies® our philosophy is to remain a genuine, honest, inclusive brand. We are conscious about how we operate our business and are striving to become more sustainable and limit our impact on the environment. Our new swimwear is being made out of recycled plastic and the t- shirts come from a small local factory in Bali, Indonesia.

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