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Louisa Bracq // SS23 Campaign

By Press Club

Jun 16, 2022


Louisa Bracq, SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand


With a certain desire for Elsewhere, this Spring/Summer 2023 collection blows a wind of freedom where hope awakens, like a sunrise to contemplate whilst driving down a deserted road. It is this sensation that we give thanks to speed, which creates the wind caressing our skin and tussling our hair in the air. The horizon line growing and intensifying as one approaches it. It is with this trio: Kenia, Noémie and Maik that this campaign illustrates and evokes the escape of a group of friends, perhaps in love, who roam the roads in search of the unknown and freedom, expressing different atmospheres along a road trip.

Françoise Sagan

« Whoever has never loved speed has never loved life, or perhaps has never loved anyone ».

Louisa Bracq, SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand


Still under the direction of the artistic director Matthieu Bracq the French brand broadens the audience and explores new creative horizons with its Men’s collection named “Bracq”. For this new season SS23 the basic range of boxers, briefs, short and long are presented in a classic “Navy” color.

The 4 new fashion lines of this collection:

Cléo - The vichy print in a soft and poetic sky blue color for the relaxed summer

Skyline - Inspired by the «Tunning» universe, this line with its tricolored curves brings a sportswear look with references to neon lighting effects.

Medusa - The Medusa line revealing a mesmerizing design through its green and black entwined snakes. A divine and spiritual animal, it represents duality but also transformation and rebirth.

Tribal - Embroidery for men ! Refinement and seduction is not exclusively feminine, the know-how of embroidery is developed on the boxer and thong for the man who also wishes to have more sexy and festive underwear.

Our range is also expanded with a pyjama composed with our basic round and V neck tee-shirts and jersey printed shorts of this collection.

The underwear line is made from very fine, Italian compact cotton fabric with a high % of elastane providing great comfort without too much compression. It also offers perfect breathability, designed to avoid the retention of perspiration which can sometimes create skin irritation.

Printing is done in Spain and dyeing in Italian or Spanish factories depending on material. All the loungewear; sweatshirts and jogpants, are entirely made from premium comfort knitted fabrics which are produced in France and printed in Spain.

The entire collection is produced in premium European materials offering ultimate comfort that is sure to win over new customers.

Louisa Bracq favors exclusively European materials for their quality and proximity in order to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. All embroideries, are made in our factory in Caudry in the North of France. In the continuation of the sportswear line, a range of sweatshirts & jogpants designed in the unisex spirit is introduced in the Medusa and Skyline lines.

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Louisa Bracq