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Making your old coats and jackets look brand new

By Press Club


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Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

Are you an enthusiast à-la-mode who strives to look fashionable every time you leave the house? However, constantly refreshing your wardrobe is sometimes quite annoying? Obviously we can't just constantly replace our luxury outerwear with new ones - this makes no sense in terms of cost or sustainability, and sometimes, you still really love your coats and jackets even though they're a little "not in vogue." If you really like your current coats and jackets but want to give them a new look, why not customize them and make them fashionable again? There are a few ways to make an old coat look new and beautiful again, allowing you to wear it for a few more seasons in style. This is not only sufficiency for your short-term budget but also efficiency for earth mother . Here are some tips for "whole new look" making your fashion items trendy right away.


This is one of the simplest ways to give your old coat a new look. Furthermore, if the coat is a daily-wear style, the color of the accessories can make it more interesting. To give a new life into an old coat, pair it with eye-catching shoes or boots, or a brightly patterned bag. Beautiful coats sometimes just need a little adornment. A brooch is also an excellent way to embellish your coat. You can change the look of your jacket by adding a scarf. Put on a scarf with a print or pattern in a contrasting color to your shirt under your jacket's collar. You'll see how a scarf can fundamentally alter the aesthetic of an old coat.


A good belt can transform any coat. If your coat doesn't have a belt, a distinguished belt will instantly update its appearance. A belt will draw attention to the waist of a long trench coat, making it more flattering.

Image: DAISY BUCHANAN -Blanc - Make your coats stand out with a belt


Your coat's buttons may be outdated, or they may be old, dull, or even rusted. A simple change of buttons can drastically alter the appearance of an old coat. If your weight has changed, it's also time to adjust the buttons to better fit you. You can add shiny buttons to a black jacket to give it new life, bright pastel buttons to dark coats, or mix vintage and new buttons to give an old coat a nostalgic look. Personalize your coat with unique buttons shaped like clovers, stars, pearls, or silver buttons with sparkling sequins.


You can sew contrasting color fabric strips on the sleeves or at the bottom of the coat, such as white stripes on a black coat. There are numerous colorful ribbon patterns available that can add a cool graphic look to your coat.

Image: SUDOKU - See what some breaks the stripes can do for your jacket


Shortening or lengthening a coat will drastically alter its appearance. A trench coat that can be worn as a jacket when combined with an eye-catching outfit creates a completely new coat! To make a shorter coat longer, attach a contrasting, textured, or patterned fabric in the same tone of the coat, depending on your taste and imagination. You can experiment with varying the length of the "VINCENT CORLEONE" design to create a coat with a new and distinct appearance.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

6/ INCLUDE A FAUX FUR COLLAR A new faux fur collar is an excellent way to spruce up your old coats. You can also use a faux fur scarf to decorate the collar of an old coat, giving it a new look. Detachable collars are more convenient because they can be removed at any time. Ding-Ding-Ding, yes, a faux fur or even natural from Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris is ecological and Earth friendly. We do not harm any animal, but take advantage of their changing season. We are patiently waiting for fur to be picked to not harming animal.

7/ ADD AN ACCESSORY OR FASHION-ICON You've probably heard about using tote bags to accessorize your entire outfit, right? That is entirely correct. Handbags of various designs will impart different temperaments on the person carrying them. If you want to add a few subtle touches to your familiar outerwear, why not try an artfully crafted handbag with elaborate motifs. This accessory not only allows you to look stylish and transform more, but it also creates a fancy accent for your already familiar coats.

Image: WEREWOLF - Invention with incredible pattern lining

8/ REPLACE THE LINING If your coat's lining is old or worn out, you should replace it. Take advantage of this opportunity to update your coat's style. To bring your old coat back into style, replace it with a new lining in a contrasting color or with an eye-catching pattern. At Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris we do have the upcycling coat, more fashionable but also environmentally friendly. We also do not test or harm any human and animal during the progress of making those designs. Leveraging your outfit budget could be another revamping wardrobe and affordable for long term benefits.


9/ CREATE AN ARTISTIC COAT Do you want to give your coat new life and make it truly one-of-a-kind? Now is your chance to be creative and express yourself. You can draw on the coat, or you can choose an abstract pattern fabric and sew it on the bodice or sleeve. Also, don’t forget to consider repairing or replacing the zipper (if applicable) and checking the hemline, especially if your old coat is still in good condition.

Image: Yvette LIBBY N’guyen Paris

10/ CONCLUSION With the advice that Yvette LIBBY has just given you, you will undoubtedly be able to "breathe new life" into your old coats. With this trick, you can stay current with fashion while also saving money and protecting the environment.

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