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Immerse yourself in a world exploding with vivid colors, creating a seductive place for the soul and the senses. MARCELL VON BERLIN’s SS21 Collection is centered around the flame as a symbol of desire, fierceness, and joy of life. The collection is a tribute to the powerful cosmopolitan woman and her inner path to sensuality, pleasure, and deep fulfillment.

‘While working on this collection I was constantly visualizing women that inspire me.’ ‘I was inspired by women that have that flame and inner drive inside. They are joyful and strong at the same time. Women that are brave enough to not hide their emotions and live their lives to the fullest. These women are passionate, independent, and play by their own rules. Therefore, the fire seemed like the best representation for them’— Marcel Pustull, the designer.

The flame print is illuminating the SS21 Collection. Unique prints have always been a crucial part of MARCELL VON BERLIN’s DNA — in the SS21 Collection the designer is introducing a graphic flame print as well as an abstract fire print fueled with intense colors. The daring flame design was hand-painted, scanned, and printed onto the fabrics.

The women’s suits, which have been a key piece in previous collections, are one of the SS21 Collection stand outs. Their clean lines, monochromatic colors, and extravagant prints create a bold statement. They’re made for women who are fearless and independent, using the flame as a representation of their powerful attitude. The collection was also inspired by the 70s — a decade filled with strong women who decided to take their lives into their own hands. This era’s inspiration can be seen in the flared pant legs throughout the collection. One glowing example is the sensual deep-v sequin jumpsuit. The extraordinary evening dresses, another collection highlight, are made to impress on the red carpet. In contrast with the dresses, the oversized coats and jackets are designed to create the most seductive look on the street. The modernization of the 70s in the SS21 Collection reinforces MARCELL VON BERLIN’s edgy style.

The SS21 Collection sequin dresses glow like embers, allowing your light to shine through. On the other hand, the collection features laid-back pieces such as flame printed sweatshirts and minimalistic denim jumpsuits. The designer, Marcell Pustull, decided to merge the Ready-to-Wear and Couture Collections this season. The Couture Collection will be a part of MARCELL VON BERLIN’s spirit. Times are changing; therefore, the brand needs to evolve and adjust to the new climate in the fashion industry.’— designer says. Part of this evolution is the separation of the female and male collections.

Bright oranges and flaming reds are contrasted with denim blue, refined white, and deep black shades. The unique fabrics include denim, silk, leather, sequins, viscose, cotton, and jacquard created in-house. The impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail is visible in every piece.

There’s also a premiere of a few new handbags: the ‘BERLIN’ bag, made from crocodile leather imitation, ‘MM Cargo’, and ‘M-R1’ bag. Each handbag is a timeless piece.

The entire SS21 Collection for Women from MARCELL VON BERLIN is engulfed in passion, creativity, and self-confidence. It is edgy and mature at the same time. The clothes and accessories are modern, eclectic, and high-end making them impossible to overlook. They will become the best travel companion on your unpredictable and riveting life journey.

Read more about MARCELL VON BERLIN on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/marcell-von-berlin


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