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Menswear – bugatti Collection Report Autumn/Winter 2022

By Press Club

Jan 12, 2022


Image: bugatti

Shirts, Sweats and Knitwear Collection Autumn/Winter 2022

The bugatti winter 2022 collection covers various themes. The Essentials show further developed basics in the colour ranges navy and noncolour. New details upgrade the “better pieces“ and set new accents. Within the Flexcity capsules the focus on performance will be further extended.

Flexcity Dressed continues to cater to the formal look with clean and modern designs in neutral colours, complemented by modern seasonal colours. “Flexcity Casual“ stands for casual styles with comfort feeling with red as the key colour. New is “Flexcity Active“ with a very sportive and functional orientation. Muted colours like black, olive and petrol are accentuated by apple green and fiesta red. Coarse and voluminous winter qualities in neutral and burnt shades are shown in the capsule “Natural X Raw“. A modern labelling underlines the look.

Flannel shirts are important in winter. Whether plain, printed or queckered – menswear cannot be imagined without them. High-quality soft jersey fabrics of blends of cotton or polyamid form the basis of the Flexcity capsules. They are either plain, bi-coloured or printed. Shirts of organic cotton with natural stretch provide for sportiness. Washed fine cord as well as broad cord articles and denim expand the range of qualities.

There will be slightly fewer printed options in winter, checks get more important. Nevertheless, the print range is quite diversified. Essentials sets focus on decorative floral and minimal patterns. The Flexcity programmes are defined by wording prints. It’s playing with the brand name as well as with logos. Ornaments with a large pattern repeat represent the print direction for “Natural X Raw“.

Pockets gain a lot of importance in the new season and they are offered for different purposes. Breast pockets look sportive but also classic. Patch flap pockets guarantee the much asked for utility look for basisc and overshirts. The latter are the perfect link between the seasons. In autumn, they replace jackets, in winter they are a perfect match under parkas. Cord and plain flannel fabrics as well as checks are main model features. In addition to button-down collars the basis is formed by modern Kent and spread collars. Stand-up collars supplement the range.

The details of the shirts are still unobstrusive. Suspense is created through the various labellings of the programmes. Fitting to the styles “Natural X Raw“ shows large formats and structured surfaces for the labelling. Wordings with coordinates ensure modern stimuli. The Flexcity capsules continue to show rubberised sportive components, often also bi-coloured ones. Pipings in contrast colours or with “bugatti“ print provide for subtle highlights. High-quality buttons perfectly stage the shirts. Plain structures and cord fabrics serve as trims.

The knitwear collection focuses on classic looks and sportive casualness with skilful new kicks. Smooth knitted cotton/cashmere models in a wide colour palette serve as the basis for a casual styling for knitwear. Serious and well dressed but still casual the hoodie as complementing piece in the knit segment in timeless neutral shades such as warm beige, grey, navy or dusty green guarantees well-being and comfort. Tri-coloured mouline fabrics with seed/rib stitch look play an important role and underline the winterly character.

Image: bugatti

Several highlights enrich the collection. A blend of wool/acryl with an understatement 3D allover pattern consisting of the bugatti brand name ensures finesse and proves to be versatile together with basic models. A fashionable bi-coloured jaquard herringbone fabric combined with the bugatti logo sets appealing accents. Not to forget the turtleneck with a noble colour gradient which adds a stylish stimulus to the looks.

Two-tone structured pullover are true allrounders, they score with their classic style and subdued colours and make a fashionable casual look all year round. In additon there are styles with new and exciting surfaces like the honeycomb /waffle structure or 3D stripes as yokes. A cotton/acryl quality convinces through a fashionably interpretated chenille houndstooth pattern.

The elegant longsleeve business polo shirt of 100% merino wool combines professionality and comfort for everyday life. There is no limit to combination possibilities and thus the polo shirt achieves its full potential. Different collar shapes ranging form roundneck, v-neck, stand-up collar zip to college collars define this season’s style variety. High-quality microma details still set stylish accents. Nylon inserts or mesh fabrics as sportive elements provide for fashionable contrasts.

New in this season is the Natural x Raw programme. Here the knitwear offer is complemented by coarse tweed cloths or multicolour looks. The coarse knit styles captivate through a marked 2x2 rib on the cuffs. The solid but still strikingly soft fabric partly consists of recycled wool and recycled Polyamid.

Hybrid jackets with quilted front padding prove to be ideal partners on cold days. Not only do they keep the wearer warm but with their knit and nylon mix they set true fashion statements. In addition, quilted waistcoats round off the image in a skilfully sovereign manner.

Image: bugatti

For the sweats roughend product types are highly rated in winter. Cosy jackets made from the most diverse materials are popular. In contrast, there are interlock fabric styles. They provide for clean and classy modernity and thus enrich the sweat segment. The muted colours of this theme underline the look. Product types with a coloured offside are eyecatchers. Rice grain structures, houndstooth patterns or two-tone cloths complement the complex appearance and are convincing essentials. Padded outer fabrics and material mixes are exciting and make a tonal but still significant look. Jacket and troyer styles with nylon contrast and new pocket versions are of prime importance.

Succesful styles like overshirts and longsleeve polo shirts are continued in the sweat segment. Troyers are either classic with panel and button or sportive with zipper. The collars vary in height and they are adapted to the modern sweater styles. College collars are upgraded through subtle stripes. Sweat trousers are casual with waistbands and cords or with tucks as classic interpretation. The range of materials used in the sweat segment is large.

For Flexcity Active focus is set on reflecting elements as well as waterproof zippers. They are either tonal or contrasting with bugatti wording print. Reflecting cords and rubberised badges underline the look. Elastic straps with “bugatti“ imprint serve as sportive completion of hoods and stand-up collars.

Technical nylons provide for a new modern input. Red accents in the ranges Essentials and Flexcity Casual areset with cords, mesh fabrics and zipper tapes. Brown velour and grey shaded flannel fabrics as well as classy buttons are perfect complementary features of the non-colour theme.

Image: bugatti

Pants Collection Autumn/Winter 2022

The bugatti collection of trousers Autumn/Winter 2022 is divided into the new collection capsules Flexcity dressed, Flexcity casual, Flexcityactive, Essentials, Denims, Natural x Raw.


Flexcity Dressed consists of fashionable bi-stretch jersey qualities with small, faux uni patterns or checks in the three colour ranges anthracite, blue or dark beige. One article group with winter peach reminds of flannel. The styles are slim fit as flat front, city trousers with drawstring or a little bit more casual with one pleat. The black/gold-coloured labels and  mother-of-pearl buttons and logo plates with exclusive paper hang tags underline the luxury look.

Flexcity Casual shows the washed, soft power stretch cotton qualities with T400 Duall FY technology, a wool look or fancy velour as five-pocket style or a fashionable flat front. Best performance qualities and a fit in a smart slim look. Rounded off with a large choice of  cutting-edge overdyed denims with fashionable washes and a sensational rebound behaviour. Nearly everything is produced in a respect nature manner. The labelling is made of high-quality satin in the colours black/red, innovative leather with red trim, buttons with red laser engraved logo, soft touch paper labels.

Flexcity Active is presented by bugatti with relaxed styles with technical sportswear details in polyamide with stretch with unique backside brushing,  sustainable  100%  sorona polyester  made from corn starch.  A camouflage jersey rounds off the olive story. Here, the colours are black and olive –fashion designed with black-and-white labelling of rubberised badges and woven materials.


Here innovative yarn dyed checks, expressive 3D structured cotton cloths in warm winter dark and foliage colours, in heavier weights and with super soft feel are placed. However, Essential also shows the classic black-and-white story in constant colour cotton fabrics,  yarn dyed wool looks and some checks.

The fits are slim and fashionable, High-quality prints on the pocket linings, velour leather  lables, and horn look buttons with lasered logo skilfully upgrade the look.


are in the foreground of handcrafted and sustainable qualities. High-fashion fabrics with lyocell and ♻️recycling components,  paired with fashionable washes, unique coloured  velour leather labels,  innovative studs and very stylish washes, even with soft destroyed elements.

Natural x Raw

In the new Autumn/Winter 2022 collection there will be clear model changes in the ultra-fashionable capsule Natural x Raw.  The trouser fashion gets wider, slightly v-shaped silhouettes with or without pleats are offered as tapered fit. Characteristic features are a normal rise, wider legs and a slim bottom width. Innovative digital prints with power stretch and jersey fabrics stand for 360 comfort. The choice of denim fabrics is of high-quality, with new and exclusive coloured labels and innovative finish in the washing process. The collection of trousers is independent but nevertheless perfectly integrated into the bugatti outfit idea.

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