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MSGM women's resort 2022 collection: Technicolour

By Press Club


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A new spring. A sense of positivity is adding extra light to colours. Bright blues, fluorescent lilacs, fuchsia, orange and greens. The fluo highlights and charged tones so typical of MSGM are back. There is the pulsing energy of a neon party: girls wearing bright tailoring, neon taffeta and jersey pieces. There is the creativity of a “techno nature”, of a technicolour world that is like a secret place, lively, saturated and kaleidoscopic. Small acid bouquets chase each other on stretch tulle tops, on poplin shirts and on padded poplin suits, or on shiny taffeta jacquard.

Like wild flowers, ruffles blossom on tracksuits, blouses and shirts, and maxi ruffles ripple on jackets and skirts. Bows become buds, small knots that close the clothing and decorate sleeves. Fabrics are shaped, they are crinkled and wrinkled, like surfaces in nature, with a 3-D effect: retracted jersey, jacquard taffeta with small gathers, intertwined mat, smocked poplin. Sun's out: shoulders emerge from wide boat necklines or criss-cross lattices on dresses and tops in embossed jersey. Necklines open up with shaped details, bras and crop tops are worn under jackets or with matching skirts. It's like a solarized dream.

Following a flow of free associations, the collection’s aesthetics are increasingly graphic, in a constant interplay of colours and shapes, of artsy quotes that become an obsession. Art turns into a pulsion, a driving force, a repetitive thought. Diamond-shape motifs, like a new argyle, are inspired by the work of Paolo Gonzato and mix solid colour and floral geometries in surprising optical combinations. As on artist Gabriel Orozco’s canvases, flowers impressed on torn “wallpapers”, then combined in collage-effect prints, while dripping brushstrokes on knitwear and denim, and washes of different shades on masculine-cut suits add artisanal touches to the collection.

Symbols of feelings and empathy, of universal and self- love, hearts are this season’s statement. Inspired by Jim Dine’s paintings, they multiply on clothing: in brightly coloured watercolour prints, on lace and on tulle, in streetwear patches on sweatshirts and T-shirts. Large fabric hearts on the waist of printed dresses, or on the necklines of blouses. Cut-out hearts on trench coats, flared skirts and shirts, sweatshirts and knitwear dresses. Oversize hearts on the iconic double crepe fabric, in contrasting inlays.

A retro sport “Tennis Club” look, starring on fleeces and tops, features on technocady garments with colour-block motifs, with bands that emphasise the silhouette and with contrasting piping, with bicolor bow prints on gabardine, or with stripes that are broken up by long fringes. The mood continues with MSGM's iconic patchwork in sporty cotton vichy and stripes inserts, or tweed updated with knit ribbed details.

“Express yourself”, “Love yourself”, “Love the world”: the collection’s mantras speak of unstoppable vitality, expressed in a few simple and direct words that everyone can understand. The attitude screams “come as you are” (quoting Nirvana's song and i-D's iconic cover): people want to express themselves once again, to live their individuality, to not resemble anyone else. They want their energy to be out and about again, they want to go out into the world, to open up to a new, more intense and authentic sociability.

Read more about MSGM on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/msgm

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