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  • Several German federal states push forward allowing exhibitions again

Several German federal states push forward allowing exhibitions again

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  • AUMA: All federal states must make decisions now in favour of trade fairs
  • Exhibition lockdown in Germany costs 40 billion euros so far

The permanent lockdown for the German exhibition industry has massive consequences for the entire economy: according to calculations by AUMA - Association of the German Trade Fair Industry based on an Ifo study, cancellations of exhibitions due to Corona measures have so far led to an overall economic loss of 40 billion euros. With the exception of September and October 2020, no fairs have been allowed to take place since March 2020 and the second quarter of 2021 is also likely to be cancelled almost completely.

However, in recent days some federal states such as Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia have opened up perspectives for a new start of exhibitions, which are dependent on certain incidence rates.

AUMA Managing Director Jörn Holtmeier comments: "These are important first steps on the way out of the lockdown. The exhibition organisers, exhibitors and their service providers now expect a clear signal from all the federal states for permitting exhibitions again. The favourable development of the infection figures makes it possible to send signals everywhere now for the benefit of the economy . Otherwise, the continuing standstill will endanger the existence of organisers, stand construction companies and many other partners in the exhibition industry". For example, the considerable decline in turnover of the hotel industry, gastronomy, railways, air traffic and taxi is to a large extent due to the closure of the fairs.

Image credit: SBG-ADITUS-GmbH

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