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The Digital Fashion Group launches a new series of fashion design courses '3DESIGN'

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Image: giz’mo lab/ TDFG Academy

The Digital Fashion Group is launching a new series of 3D skills courses. '3DESIGN' covers the development of specialised skills in digital fashion design both for phygital and digital-only design in the metaverse. The first course is '3DESIGN: The fundamentals of Digital Fashion Design' and is aimed at fashion creatives who would like to develop their digital skills.

The course has 06 units of video lecturers led by TDFGA digital professors Ineke Siersema and Zil Vostalová, from giz’mo lab. '3DESIGN: The fundamentals of Digital Fashion Design' delivers an understanding of digital garment creation using CLO3D as a base, enabling the student to create and experiment with the digital process using different design methods.

With ‘3DESIGN’, The Digital Fashion Group continues its mission to advance fashion education through diversity and access. Since launching in May 2021, the first course ‘Digital fashion 101’ has enrolled over 100 students from around the world. "3DESIGN is one more opportunity to promote new talent that will influence the digital transformation of the fashion industry for the good of society," said Leslie Holden, co-founder of The Digital Fashion Group.

Image: giz’mo lab/ TDFG Academy

In ‘3DESIGN’, Students will be fully immersed in the digital fashion design and development process leading to a final assignment to create an original outfit that will be considered for sale via the collaboration with the DRESSX - metacloset of digital-only clothes where it will be featured next to some of the most well-known contemporary brands and designers in digital fashion.

“At DRESSX, we aim to replace at least 1 percent of the traditional physical goods (150 billion items of clothing which are produced every year) with digital alternatives for when consumers buy clothing for content creation or their online presence, such as video calls or online conferences,” said Daria Shapovalova, co-founder of DRESSX. “We prove that these clothes don’t need to be produced - and they only need to exist in the digital space.”

And the other co-founder of DRESSX, Natalia Modenova, added: “The transformation of traditional fashion into its metaverse counterpart, which we call ‘metafashion’, happened and continues to happen very naturally, supporting the overall change in how we live and explore the world around us. Digital assets were in place in gaming for a while, but now the game is changing, and we already became ‘the avatars of ourselves’ in the multiple social media channels, messaging and streaming services. Digital fashion is designed to dress our digital selves. Wearables are the most natural extension of the metaverse and the most important pillar of the metaverse economy.”

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