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THE LAB CO. - On a mission to reduce waste and elevate everyday - for life

By Press Club

May 18, 2022


The Lab Co., courtesy of the brand

Waste & Plastic pollution is harming our world.

  1. 900M laundry bottles are thrown away per year in the US alone. That’s enough to travel 225,000km= SIX times around the world. Estimated, this could reach 28.5 million metric tons of plastic per annum by 2040.

  2. It’s estimated that 85% of textiles and 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away or end up in landfill every year.

  3. Most detergent brands are boring, wasteful, and unenjoyable to use – still using more plastic than needed.

Quite simply, fast-fashion and consumer product waste is killing our planet.

THE LAB CO. - A London based and eco-innovative care brand. On a mission to reduce waste and elevate everyday - for life.

We create eco-innovative and premium specialist to everyday detergents, sneaker, household, and personal care products. We are re-imagining these life essentials to make them better for our items, selves and planet.

Our London based lab focuses on innovating these everyday routine products to meet our strict TLC design principles:

  1. Sustainability - using less to zero plastics, creating longevity of people’s belongings and our planet.

  2. Style – design-led manufacturing from fragrance to packaging. People love to use and display our products.

  3. Form – mess-free, minimal effort and easy to use, beautifully designed with every customer in mind.

  4. Performance - no compromise on function – achieving highly effective results that impress every time.

The Lab Co., courtesy of the brand


Better for you,

Better for your items,

Better for our world.

The Lab Co. introduces TLC Laundry Strips on their mission to reduce global waste. The future of detergent with minimal effort yet maximum cleaning results. An expert blend of mood-based fragrances and TLC’s ProClean Technology works to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains, achieving a perfect wash that is kind to your laundry and planet, every time.


Energizing – Cuban grapefruit for everyday

Relaxation – Lavender and jasmine for everyday

Fragrance Free – For gentle & sensitive skin




TLC Strips and Words from our founder:

“Its been a journey (challenge) navigating the crazy (awful) last few years.The TLC Team have survived these times, grown to over 1000 UK and international stores and now set to expand to a fully-fledged eco-innovative lifestyle brand with some super sick collabs in the year ahead.”

Read more about The Lab Co. on their brandpage
The Lab Co.