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Veni, vidi, vici: Blocks79 brings a winner's mindset to sneakers

By Press Club


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Image: Blocks70, courtesy of the brand

Blocks79 is an Italian sneaker brand paying tribute to the sports world and Olympic games, taking inspiration from athletic elements such as track lanes, jersey numbers and starting blocks. The latter in particular embodies Blocks79’s spirit: The moment in time when a sportsman or woman concentrates all their emotions and energy before they run towards victory - and to the podium, which has a special meaning for Blocks79 as well. The three positions of first, second and third place and the respective colours of gold, silver and bronze. The name itself, “Blocks79”, refers to the starting blocks, where the story of victory begins and hints at success with “79” being the number of gold in the periodic table.

Eyes on the prize: Inspired sports, fueled by ambition

But Blocks79's message goes beyond the pure desire for victory.The brand is about winning challenges by improving: “It is not important to get first, second or third, you are winning by playing and chasing your dream” is what they live by. Athletic ambitions become a metaphor, where the podium is a symbol of running after your goals and where the participants face every moment with the right mindset and winning energy. The sneakers are dedicated not only to those who love a sporty and refined, sober style, but above all to those who love to move and who appreciate dynamic design and an energetic spirit.

Image: Blocks79, courtesy of the brand

Made in Italy: The craft behind sneaker-making

According to Blocks79, making shoes is an art form. The Italian brand puts quality in focus through exquisite material, excellent Italian craftsmanship and innovative design.

The materials used include calfskin leathers, in smooth or suede versions. Some leathers are processed through vegetable tanning, a method that abstains from using chrome in the tanning process, making it thus more environmentally and consumer friendly. This natural material is at times combined with mesh parts made from nylon, giving the sneakers texture and depth that makes them unique. Removable anatomic insoles made from leather and the outer soles made from sturdy rubber make the sneakers comfortable and durable at the same time.

Blocks79’s collections include styles for men and women, offering low- and high-top versions in classic white, ecru and greyish hues, at times specked with pops of colour in neon pink and yellow, bright red, cornflower blue and more. A distinctive feature pointing back at the brands philosophy is the stylized contours of a podium on the heel of some styles, with the numbers one, two and three carved into the leather. The body of the shoe gives visual cues reminiscent of track lanes, and some styles feature a wear-and-tear look with greyish shadows and roughened edges. The price point of Blocks79 sneakers is between 200 and 235 Euros.

Image: Blocks79, courtesy of the brand
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